Grief Counselling – How Does It Work

The main aim of grief healing system is to let the people in need know that they are in a safer environment and can explain what they are feeling without any hesitation. When the one in need of grief healing counselling understands that they are not alone in the world, there are people who are actually experiencing difficult situations , which are worst than theirs, they will automatically start to take their condition in a positive way.

There are many objectives that the counsellor gives importance to in their grief support counseling sessions. Some are listed below.

  • Going through the Past Events

Here, the counselee is allowed to speak about their past life. They will start telling stories about the type of person they are, and the work of the counsellor is to make sure that they allow the counselee to speak and also to understand what they are trying to say, without being judgemental.

  • Understanding the Present in a New Way

Here, the counsellor examines the role of the relationships in the life of their counselee and also the best way to restructure them. The counsellor will also help the people in need to slowly let go of the attachment that they feel for the dead or lost relationships but not the memories that the counselee shares with their dear one.

  • Restructuring the Future

The main work of the counsellor here is to let their counselee understand their importance of existence with respect to their family and friends. This is accomplished by identifying an anchor that can make the counselee find new hopes and dreams in their life, and work towards achieving their dreams.

As the counselee understands the importance of having a dream and working towards achieving it, they will find ways not to feel down or depressed in their life anymore.

After few counselling sessions, the counselee will find courage, so as not to live in the past and move on with finding something positive in their life. This will even help them build courage in investing their time and interest to build some new relationships.